I'm a Good Mom. Or Why I Shaved My Legs Before Summer.

Some day when my children are complaining that their childhood sucked or that I didn't love them, I will remind them of the time I took them to Great Wolf Lodge.

I even put on wolf ears and posed for a picture!

We are lucky, because GWL (that's what the cool people who go there all the time call Great Wolf Lodge) is very close to us. I've never been though. Every year my parents like to take all the grandkids for a weekend and the Hubs and I run around the house screaming for joy and eating junk food without anyone bugging us for a bite.

Then my kids come home and they say, "Oh Mom! I wish you had been there. You could have seen me do the big slide!" or "Mom! We slept in a cabin and it was awesome, except for when Sherman kicked me in the head accidentally because we had to share the bed." (Side note to my mother: It might be time to get a bigger room, Mom.)

I know my kids wanted me to see the awesomeness that is GWL, but I always declined.

And then I received an invite from GWL to spend the night. What to do? What to do?

I don't like small dark places and I still rode these slides!

I hemmed and hawed. Did I really want to encroach on my parent's special "thing?"

I was weighing the pros and cons with the Hubs one afternoon:


It was close by, so no need for a long road trip or anything.
It was free. (That really should be first, but I'm not crazy about road trips.)
The kids love it and have wanted to go with us for years.

I could only come up with a few CONS:

"I'll have to wear a bathing suit," I lamented.

"Yes, I think they frown on people swimming in cargo pants," the Hubs replied.

"That means I'll have to shave my legs!"

"True. In fact, you should probably do that even if we don't go to Great Wolf Lodge," the Hubs implored.

"But it's not summer yet!" I whined. "You know I don't shave my legs before June."

Adolpha bopped into my office and overhead the end of the conversation. "Why are you shaving your legs before June, Mom?" she asked.

"No reason," I said, casually. "It's just something for work."

Suddenly, Adolpha put all the pieces together: "Great Wolf Lodge has invited us to spend the night!!" she yelled.

How did she figure that out?? I need to change the password on my email!

"Yes," I said. "but I'm not sure the pros outweigh the cons."

"Of course they do!" Adolpha exclaimed. "Great Wolf Lodge is AMAZING!"

Gomer ran through the door screaming, "Great Wolf Lodge!!! We can ride the three-person slide together, Mom!"

Seeing the excitement on those faces did it. I got out my razor and my "sturdy" bathing suit (I wasn't going to have any sort of wardrobe malfunction on a water slide) and we went to GWL.

We had a great time and I rode ALL the slides, I got an enormous bucket of water dumped on me, I plopped myself in a tube and lazy river'd for most of the day. We ate ice cream and played video games and Gomer was thrilled he didn't have to share a bed with Sherman. I had a great time with my family.

And, because we can't go anywhere without getting a souvenir, we bought this:

Yeah, that's a wolf that poops. Did you think we'd choose something classy? It's like you don't even know us.

Thank you to Great Wolf Lodge and Boogie Wipes for the opportunity to make my kids squeal with happiness.

Would you like an opportunity to take the family to GWL for the weekend? Enter to WIN one of three prize packages including a two-night three-day stay at Great Wolf Lodge and $1000 in travel rewards!

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DISCLAIMER: I was given a free night at Great Wolf Lodge in return for an honest blog post.

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Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms said...

I find no cons with the Great Wolf Lodge! I have made some great memories there with my kids. I just asked my teens if they would still like to go there and the answer was "YES!!!" Going to sign up for that giveaway now! Ellen

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