Go Fund Yourself

I am all for crowdfunding for appropriate things. That's the terrific thing about crowdfunding. So many people can come together and with a small investment, make a huge difference. I give to a lot of campaigns. Like medical or funeral bills. You bet. Your house burned down and you lost all of your possessions. Sure thing. A self published book. Of course. A new invention. Sounds great.

It's starting to get out of hand though. A potato salad party. Meh. Whatever. What about your neighbor's senior trip? Yeah, that's happening. A friend received a GoFundMe begging: "Please help Ashleigh end her amazing senior year with a spectacular month long trip to Europe." No.

Today I heard about Gabby, the young lady who celebrated a little too much on Halloween and needed a ride home so she called an Uber car. According to her, she had no idea that Halloween night surge pricing was in effect and the 22 minute ride would cost her $362. She woke up after a night of partying and found that her rent was due and so was her Uber bill. She couldn't swing both charges, so she took to GoFundMe and made a plea. She said that she'd been out celebrating her birthday and wanted to do the "responsible" thing and not drink and drive so she called Uber to pick her up and now her responsible decision had resulted in her not being able to pay her bills. She begged the people of the interwebz to help her. Of course the people of the 'net funded her, because fuck Uber. And also because people will give a dollar to help some stupid girl pay her Uber bill, but they won't give a homeless person directions to the nearest shelter, let alone a dollar.

Most of the stories I've seen today about Gabby are on her side. Most of them think Uber is a big, bad company that hikes up it's prices and gouges people. I'm not on her side.

OK, fine, Uber is a big, bad, mean company that overcharges for the convenience of being just a phone call away. But you called them, Gabby. You should have asked what the cost would be before you ever booked the car.

Plus, calling Uber was not the "responsible" choice. Middle aged people, remember what we did when we would go out drinking with our friends and we had to get home that night? When I was a young woman out on the town, there weren't any Uber cars and I didn't live in a city with taxis or even a public bus that could get me home. I had to think ahead and figure out how I'd manage to imbibe and get home that night. My friends and I actually thought ahead and picked someone to be our designated driver. We bought him/her soda all night long and told him/her "I love you, man" about a thousand times. The responsible thing Gabby should have done was figure out in advance how the hell she was going to get home that night before she ever went out.

Oh what do I know? Apparently I'm doing it wrong. Today I'm going to Target. I'm not even looking to do something frivolous like throw a potato salad party or travel for a month through Europe. I'm just going to pick up some milk, some bread, and another eighty dollars worth of stuff that will magically jump into my cart like always. But I really need this stuff from Target. Problem is, if I buy it today, I won't be able to make my car payment later this week. Don't worry, though, I came up with a responsible solution: crowdfunding. Duh.

Please keep an eye out for my GoFundMe Help Jen Pay Off Her Red Card page. If it goes well, it might be a monthly thing since that damn bill comes every month. You know what? Setting up this GoFundMe might be the most responsible thing I've ever done.

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KayLynn said...

I NEED like totally NEED new jeans - Please gofundme.. I'd really like to try Express instead of Kohl's..

SnarkfestBlog said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Can't pay your bills because you acted irresponsibly? GoFundMe.com Can't come up with enough money to pay your rent because you just HAD to have those Jimmy Choos?? IndieGoGo.com Can't feed your fucking kids because you are too stupid to handle your money? FeedMyKids.org

Why should the world be responsible for your irresponsibility? Why should others bail you out?? It's so fucking WRONG.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting increasingly uncomfortable with the gofundme phenomena. I agree with you about funding catastrophic occurrences - a fire, a funeral, uninsured medical expenses, but not some of the other stuff I've seen. The most distasteful - a couple who wanted funding for in vitro fertilization - after they bought a new home because of needing space for baby, renovated it to make it child friendly for baby, and wife quit her job "to fully experience the miracle of pregnancy". Then they found out they weren't able to get pregnant the old fashioned way, and had no funds left to do it the scientific way. Oh yes, they got funded, partly due I think, to wife's blog about the heartbreak of infertility. I expect any day to get a request for funding for baby's christening party, first Christmas, birthdays, private preschool, etc. etc., because who knew that babies were so expensive. I'm not saying that infertility is not heartbreaking, but I am saying you don't need a 3000 sq. foot fully renovated house and 9 months of loafing to prepare for a baby. Check your priorities and save to meet them.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. When I see donations being make like this, I am reminded that our economy is doing great after all.

Randee said...

I was asked to participate in a go find me account to help a guy buy a motorcycle cuz he had to sell his when his son died(sad right) to pay hospital bills. He didn't want a motorcycle...he wanted some 30,000$ ride. Uh huh. Sure dude, go for it. Never saw a penny donated.

Anniegi said...

Having just donated to a GoFundMe for a funeral for a friend
who legitimately needs the help....
Yup, this hits the nail on the head. Potato salad party, in vitro,
motocycle guy and the Uber riding party girl.... GoFundMe?
Nope, I've got 3 words for you:
Go Fist Yourselves!

Unknown said...

Not really Gofundme related, but I'm an Uber driver and I work
hard for my money.

The company itself may take advantage and
be big and rich, but I'm not.

Just saying.

Anniegi said...

Just to be clear, I have the utmost respect for anyone who drives for a living, especially those who drive people around; just stupid people who don't plan ahead and ask others to pay for THEIR stupidity or their vacations and all other ridiculous Gofundme requests.

Unknown said...

Tell me about it! I saw a Gofundme page for some twit that wanted a trip to Disneyland.
My 6 month old granddaughter has a terminal illness. My daughter and her husband have refused a Gofundme page. They don't feel like they need it at this time. Neither is working, as they stay with their baby..... I am so proud of them- but would like to smack them upside the head, because I think they may be short sighted. On the other hand- that's why kids grow up- so their parents can't make decisions for them anymore!

the gold digger said...

The only reason I gave some money to my friend's daughter - whom I had met once and who addressed me by my first name in her solicitation letter* - for her senior mission trip was because the friend's parents had paid for my bridesmaid dress and hotel when I was in friend's wedding.

That didn't keep me from muttering, "Have you EVER heard of a bake sale or a car wash, missy?" as I wrote the check.

* I don't know what it's like where you guys live, but in my world, teenagers are not on a first-name basis with me.

Anonymous said...

Agree there is alot of or most of GFM is BS.. that spoils it for people who legitimately need some help, I've all my life tried to help other's in need.

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