I Owe Benedict Cumberbatch an Apology

I owe Benedict Cumberbatch an apology. You see, before today, I just thought he was a good actor with a ridiculous mop of hair, chiseled cheekbones, and a silly name. Last night the Hubs and I finished watching the entire Sherlock Holmes series and I can't say that there was one time that my tummy fluttered or my heart beat faster when the camera closed in on that pasty face of his. I knew that the ladies of the web were agog over this man, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out why.

Until today.

Today I woke up and the Hubs greeted me with laptop in hand. "This might help you understand the Benedict phenomenon better," he said, pushing play. "He took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge."

This is what he showed me:

All I can say is:

OH MY!!! (Imagine me saying this like a Southern belle and fanning myself from the vapors.)


DAMN!!!! (Imagine me saying this like "DAY-UM" and licking my lips. Who knew he'd look so good in motorcycle leathers?)


SPANK ME, MR. GREY!!! (Imagine me saying this like a dim-witted, breathy ingenue in the Red Room of Pain. Did you see him in that suit? Wowza.)


OH, MR. DARCY! (Imagine me saying this like a prim and proper British lady who can barely contain her enthusiastic admiration for this gentleman caller. Benedict just whooped my favorite Hot Brit, Colin Firth's, ass with that wet t-shirt shot. Poor Colin didn't look that good coming out of the pond.)

I"m sorry, Ben -- can I call you Ben? It's just that I can barely spell Benedict and when I'm writing your name in a heart on my notebooks Jen + Ben just looks soooo much better.

As I was saying, I'm sorry that you're such a terrific actor that I couldn't see the real you come through. The funny you (which is damn sexy, by the way - said like Mel B on America's Got Talent - we watch a lot of TV in this house, don't jooodge) not to mention the rock hard ab side of you. Who knew you were hiding so much ... talent ... under that coat?

I'm officially signing up to be a Cumberbitch  in the Cumbercollective *, please send me my pin and tote bag to carry around town.

Thank you to the founders of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, because this has been soooo delightful. I already donated once, but I'll donate again after seeing Benedict's video! I know there are some people out there complaining about this challenge wasting water, etc., but as far as I'm concerned, Benedict can waste all the water he would like to.

*I've been told that Benny doesn't like Cumberbitch, because he's a gentleman. I can't argue with that.

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Christine.Nicole said...

Um yeah. He's my number 1 on my top 5. People don't really get why but that video really helps them understand! And for me, I am a sucker for a British accent. Oh Ben, please send me my Cumberbitch tote so I can show the world how gaga I am for you.

Kell said...

the accent...it's the accent that got me!

Brian said...

I'm sold. Dayum.

MissMaddy said...

Welcome, Cumbercookie. Collectively, we are the Cumberbatch. You're welcome.

Unknown said...

I thought it was Cumberbunny?

Unknown said...

Wait, back up a minute. You were NOT turned on by Sherlock, that mop-headed charisma bucket? And how could you be surprised by Benny's gift for comedy given Sherlock's many funny scenes? Go back and see Sherlock again. That's an order.

LA Botchar said...

He's bloody brilliant. The helmet one -- I die. Welcome to the Cumberbatch my friend. he's a damn life ruiner for sure.

a close second was definitely Chris Evans in suit too.

Unknown said...

I still don't have any physical attraction towards him but it's always sexy to see a good guy doing something for a good cause!

Anonymous said...

The accent gets me every time. And that voice. And that he's really a goofball in a pretty, sophisticated package. I'm a total Cumberbunny.

Annie said...

It was him as Khan in the duster coat kicking Klingon ass. That's what got me.

Anonymous said...

If you think that looks good all wet...try his BFF, Tom Hiddleston:


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