Weekly Wrap Up 5.6.12

Well, the week is over and I'm ready to wrap this one up.  I had a great time at KCUR being interviewed by Steve Krasky.  I know a lot of you listened and I appreciate that.  I heard from many of you that I didn't "sound" like you thought I would.  I warned you guys that I sound like a 12 year old.  It works great for telemarketers ("No, my mommy isn't home.").  I'm not sure what you expected.  I heard that I should sound "gravelly" or like I smoke 2 packs of smokes a day.  Haha.  Just because my personality is that of a crotchety 65 year old man, it doesn't mean I should sound like one.

Top Read Posts This Week:

Pastor Sean Harris - This post was about a pastor who encouraged his flock to beat the gay out of their kids.  He's since retracted his comments and/or apologized or something like that, but I believe he's only sorry he got caught saying such horrible things.

Patricia Krentcil and Tanorexia - I learned something new this week when I was writing this one.  I did not know that over tanning is an actual medical condition.  Who knew?  I also learned that human beings can look like leather couches.

10 Things I'm Grateful For (Seriously) - This was a total change for me.  I was feeling soft and gooey and so I wrote this one.  I got some heat from some jerks (what else is new?), but for the most part, the majority of the readers embraced it and added their own.  It's a good exercise to try every now and again.

The Worst Interview I've Ever Had - The Hubs and I were watching a TV show where there was an embarrassing interview.  The Hubs didn't think it was realistic.  For me it triggered a flashback to 15 years ago when I made a complete and total ass out of myself.

And I wrote some new posts this week for Babble.  You can read them here.

Favorite Comments of the Week (and My Response if Necessary):

I recently began attending a church with a friend. I've been a Christian all my life but was looking for a new church. The pastor there hasn't advocated "beating the gay out", but the message they preach is loud and clear: "we need to love these sinners enough to tell them the truth. The truth being that they are wrong." I'm having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around the fact that God would hate someone because they're gay. Aren't we all "fearfully and wonderfully made"??? I feel like some Christians, like those at this church, are making the world a lot more divisive than it was ever supposed to be. on Pastor Sean Harris

jen, this is why i think you're a great blogger!! yesterday you're punching nutella and today you take on something serious, something that needs a tough punch. thanks for keeping it all in perspective! and you're so right about this guy. why didn't his parents beat the mean out of him, since it's so cool to abuse your kids??? on Pastor Sean Harris

I love that reporters asked Snooki about it and even she said the lady was too tan and that her baby was only going to have a natural tan. on Patricia Krentcil and Tanorexia

Anyone else think "omg, why is this chick wearing "blackface" makeup?" Then I read the headline. Not sure which is worse. She needs the punch more than the jail time. on Patricia Krentcil and Tanorexia

Great job on the NPR interview, Jen! It's great to put a voice with the rants. Wink. on The Worst Interview I've Ever Had

Had one interview where I was supposed to tell a joke. Huh? I didn't know any. Awkward! I knew the job wasn't mine right then and there. on The Worst Interview I've Ever Had

I had an interviewer ask me what ingredient in a salad I would be. I said cucumber because they are cool and crunchy. I didn't get the job. on The Worst Interview I've Ever Had

I had a job interview once where they asked which character from Winnie the Pooh you were most like. So awkward! on The Worst Interview I've Ever Had

I was asked why manhole covers are round. He told me months later that the point was that I tried to answer, not that I was right. I once worked at a mall store and got to make up a couple questions when I interviewed people. I would ask what they were for Halloween; I think it tells you a lot about a person. And I'm an ant, because I'm a team player and I'm a lot stronger than I look. (B.S., but I think it sounds good.) on The Worst Interview I've Ever Had

Jen... I couldn't read this whole post because it was too happy. Wasn't what I was looking for. But I'm all up to date on your other posts, which were admirably crabby! on 10 Things I'm Grateful For (Seriously)

I love that you can be both a smart ass and positive. I think many people think you have to be either rainbows/unicorns or negative! on 10 Things I'm Grateful For (Seriously)


FrogPrincessATX said...

Haha too funny!! Just making my regular visit!

Jumpin Jim Flash said...

I'm not sure why but I don't seem to get all these posts Jen. Sad because some sound funny and dare I say wonderfully crabby. Lol. Thanks for keeping us on our toes. I'll try to make my comments have all their letters in the words.

Kristin said...

Thanks for posting my comment, Jen! Your post on Sean Harris really made me think.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. Seriously? That post made you think? I found more unique insights in the paint drying on my wall this afternoon.

Melissa Allen said...

Oh, "anonymous"!

You are so bad ass by posting negative comments anonymously!

Jane Smith said...

oh, 'melissa allen'! you're so bad ass for posting under a name as common as herpes! :D

Adrienne said...

The tanning mom FREAKS me out!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but isn't Jane Smith the most common name eve? Pot calling the kettle black here... You're name would be considered much more common than herpes. More like as common as mud.

Linda Roy said...

Love the handbag comment Jen! Wonder if she's got shoes to match that face?

Anonymous said...

^Your capacity to detect irony is stellar.

beach peach said...

I think she looks like a mud masque or a baseball glove.

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