Plus Size Women Are People Too

Have you heard about the fight between Amy Schumer and Glamour Magazine? Basically, here it is: Glamour Magazine put out a very special edition (my emphasis) showcasing successful plus size women. They featured ladies like Adele and Melissa McCarthy and they also mentioned Amy Schumer and didn't give her a heads up that she was seated at the portly table.

Welllllll, Amy Schumer got irritated because she's a size 6 and should not be grouped with the ladies of size. She swears she's not pissed that Glamour thinks she's fat, she says she's pissed because she doesn't want her young female fans who have thighs that resemble hers to think THEY'RE plus size. Riiiiiight, Amy.

Amy Schumer is always preaching about how women should accept their bodies and own them, etc., so I don't think she can have it both ways. She can't get up on her pulpit and say, "There's nothing wrong with the size of Melissa's ass, but mine is NO WHERE near that size and should not be grouped with hers." That's some bullshit right there.

To show that she should not be in big girl issue, she released a video of herself running down the beach in a bikini.

Oh for fucks sake. Let it go, Amy. You're fighting the wrong fight.

The fight you SHOULD be fighting is why the fuck do we need a very special edition of Glamour magazine for plus size women?????

WTF is that about, Glamour? There are successful women in this world who come in all shapes and sizes and if their dress size is a bit bigger than the normal celebrity all of a sudden we're supposed to applaud her for being ah-may-zing DESPITE her double chin???

Fuck that noise!

If you're really worried about young, impressionable girls, then THIS is what needs to stop. It's not BRAVE to headline a movie when you're a size 14. It's not INCREDIBLE to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated when you're a size 16.

We should be celebrating ALL successful women, no matter what they look like. It's like Glamour is saying, "Wait a minute. You eat cheeseburgers AND you sing like an angel?? Oh my God, you are FEARLESS!!"

What kind of message is that for young girls? "Hey, size 12 girl sitting in her room, you can do anything!! Look at these women of size succeeding and we didn't even need to have a telethon or anything to help them out!! Sure, society thinks you suck (Physically speaking, but also on an intelligence level too, because you're probably lazy. I mean, shit, that body doesn't look like it ever moves so why would your brain work properly???) and that's why we had to make ONE very special edition during the whole year, but now you feel included, right? Please try not to hate yourself too much when you read our other 12 "normal" editions this year. K, thanks, bye."

NO! Those size 12 and size 20 women should see success celebrated in EVERY issue, Glamour! I know what I'm talking about, because I am the audience you seek. I am a solid size 14 (and that's after being on diet for a few months) and when I see these chunky monkey editions, it irks me to no end. Adele should be on your cover because she's fucking incredible. Melissa McCarthy should be on your cover because she's a goddamn force of nature. I want to read about them because they're setting the world on fire, not because they enjoy the occasional calorie that doesn't come from kale or wine. I'm always interested in knowing more about ALL successful women. It never occurs to me that I should like someone more because her ass is the same size as mine.

And why do we only do this to women??? Where's the Men's Health incredibly noble edition where they feature celebrity dad bods? Where's Fortune Magazine's expose on fugly men who conquered their sub-par looks to become billionaires? Where's the ground-breaking GQ spread on men who overcame their male pattern baldness but can still find women who want to fuck them?

Knock this shit off, Glamour! Don't praise me because I'm plus size, praise me because I kick ass!

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Tiffany said...

Fuck.That.Noise - bwahaha I love it! I want to stand up and clap at my desk. The bit at the end about the mens' and business magazines - so damn true. And you're right, Amy Schumer should be embarrassed that she's picking a fight on such a non-issue, you can't talk out of both sides of you mouth. Eye roll. If I were on a list with Adele and Melissa McCarthy, you could bet I'd be tweeting, instagramming and having my people call their people so we could seal that shit for life!

Unknown said...

Blegh. There is no inconsistency between saying "You should not fat shame people, ever" and "Dude, seriously, I'm not fat." For example, if somebody fat shamed Calista Flockhart, she'd be totally justified in saying both. This article is nothing more than a rant saying that Amy Schumer is fat and should own it. She's write, PIWTPIT is wrong.

WindyCityMom said...

I'm 5"9 and 165 ish and I wear an 8. It's absolutely feasible that she is a size 6. Especially if that weight is muscle. i totally agree with Amy. Why are we telling girls who look like Amy that they are PLUS SIZE? After years of reading both, I'm done reading Glamour and I am done reading your negative blog. Unsubscribe

the gold digger said...

Can you believe that even though Adele is like A WHALE that she can STILL SING?


Good. Grief.

PS There are still people who read Glamour magazine? Why?

gina valley said...

Awesome!!! said...

Now I feel better about not liking Amy Shumer to begin with. While everyone was singing her praises, I was over here going "meh." She's not really as clever as everyone says she is, and this "I'm a size 6" campaign proves it.

Also, she is not a size 6.

Bridget said...

I just love you! My size 22 ass needed to read this today!!!

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