I Need a Play Doh Penis Maker

You guys! Have you seen the Play Doh extruder tool that looks like a penis?

When I first saw the headlines for the story, I thought, How bad can it be? People are over reacting. It can't look that much like a penis.

Holy crap!! It looks just LIKE a penis.

via AdWeek
Actually, it looks more like a penis-shaped dildo. It has this raised band that wraps around the shaft (for her pleasure) and then beads around the tip. Sure, it's only three inches long, so there isn't much to ... uh ... work with, but STILL. I have dildos that look less dildo-y than this thing!

How in the world did this make it through quality control??? Who looked at that thing and thought, "Nope. I don't see a penis at all." Were they all lesbians working that day?

Hasbro is aware of the problem now and they're working on a new design. Hopefully it's got some more girth this time.

via Amazon

Now, before some of you horn dogs ladies run out to buy the Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain playset for your creative children who love to make pastries out of clay, you should probably call ahead and make sure your store of choice has it in stock. My local Target was sold out.

Of course they were.

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Unknown said...

How did I miss this?
Dammit. we just wore our last one out too.

Liz W. said...

Quality Assurance departments can only determine if a product meets design specifications. We get no say in how something looks. This goof falls directly on product designers and marketing.
And, since I work for a condom manufacturer (in quality) I find this soooo freakin' funny for many other reasons.

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