Walmart Has Costumes for All the Fat Girls

Oh Walmart. What is wrong with you? I thought it was bad when your employee tried to have my husband arrested, but this time you've really offended me. Have you guys seen this?

Source: Jezebel
Yeah, a Jezebel reader found that Walmart had a subcategory for Fat Girl Halloween costumes. This ranks right up there with Target's plus size Manatee Grey maxi dress and Abercrombie & Fitch's genetically-engineered geriatric-dude-in-charge, Mike Jeffries saying only hot and cool people could shop at his store and Lululemon's co-founder blaming their shitty see-through product on overzealous wearing with a subtle nod to their customer's fat assery.

I don't care that Walmart put my Chambermaid costume in the fat girl category. What I'm most offended by is the fact that there aren't any horrible categories for men's costumes. Why is it always women bearing the brunt of this dickhead behavior? If these companies are going to continue to be offensive, then let's make it an equal opportunity for everyone. If there can be Sexy Ebola Nurse costumes for women there should be Fat Ass Gladiator costumes for men.

There should be a Fat Guy category. It's only fair. It would feature the usual plus size full coverage offerings like Yeti and Gorilla. But there could also be oversize Spiderman and Thor costumes. And Lululemon should make these costumes. And when the crappy spandex they use gets all see-through and pilly, they can say their costumes aren't designed for so much "pressure" to be put on the belly and thigh region. They can say something equally stupid and offensive to our fluffy fellows like, "Our costumes are not meant for all body types. They're designed to withstand only so much friction and they're not meant for over-wearing. That can cause costume fatigue in the larger sizes."

We shouldn't just save this treatment for the big and tall set though. We could expand it into all of men's clothing. Just once I'd like to see Target name a pullover sweater Douchebag Grey. I'd buy those in bulk to give as gifts.

Ugh. Frankly, I'm exhausted by all of these assholes. I would start a protest in the streets against their collective egregious behavior towards ladies of a certain size, but I'm too busy -- this doughnut isn't going to finish itself.

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Anonymous said...

You are always so right on, Jen! yet again, exceptionally well stated and thank you for calling out a very important aspect of the culture we live in - this sort of thing is insidious...

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