Come and See Me?

Hey you guys, there is a lot going on right now and I wanted to circle back so I could bring you up to speed so that we can all be on the same page and shit. (Can you tell that I've been overhearing way too many corporate types on the phone lately??)

As you know, I'm in New York City this week. Besides seeing friends and family, I met my agent and my editor for the first time in real life. EEEK! Luckily, I liked them both! Can you imagine how awkward that conversation would have gone if I didn't??? If really looks like this book thing is happening. I was glad to hear that, because I've spent my entire summer indoors and away from my kids writing my manuscript.

Yesterday we drove up to New Hampshire, to visit my friend, Mary. We're going to hang out here for a couple of days and sample the chowdah and do a little composting. After this we'll go back to NYC for a bit longer then finally home for a few days.

Then I wash my clothes really fast and I hop back on a plane for Chicago to attend BlogHer. I'll be at BlogHer from July 24-27. Are any of you guys going? If you are, I'd love to say hello.

Besides the bar, there are a few places you can guarantee to find me at BlogHer:

The first is Friday where I'll be presenting with Robin O'Bryant and Lela Davidson on the topic Is Self-Publishing for You? Between the three of us, we've learned a lot and we're ready to share all of our tips, tricks, secrets, and missteps.

That same night I'll be the Voices of the Year Community Keynote. Once again I was chosen as a Voice of the Year. It's a really exciting honor and I'm happy that so many of my blogging friends were also chosen this year. I wasn't selected as a reader, but I did read the VOTY piece at Listen to Your Mother in May and you can see me reading it here.

I'll be there for the readings and then I need to high tail it out of there, because ...

Friday night at 7:30, I will join 15 of the contributors to I Just Want to Pee Alone at a book signing event off site. You do NOT need to be a BlogHer attendee to join us, but you DO need a ticket if you want a copy of the book and a drink. Here is all the information you need to find us. I know what you're thinking at this point: "Gee, Jen, that sounds fun and you're fine and all, but I wonder if my FAVORITE blogger is going." I'll bet she is. Check out the complete list:

(Now that I've looked at all of this, I think I'll be sleeping in on Saturday, so there isn't much chance of finding me that day, so we'd better hook up Friday!) If you're thinking about coming to this event, don't think too long, because space is limited and we've only got a few tickets left and the deadline to buy tickets is July 22.


Donna T said...

Are you coming to the bookstore in Portsmouth, NH Wednesday with the other authors? I'm planning on going and I would love to meet you!

RachRiot said...

Cannot wait to maul you in Chi-town, baby! We can consummate this long distance love affair! At last!

TNMom said...

I may just pee my pants when I meet everyone! I bought my ticket weeks ago but I still have night mares that I get there and they wont let me in. LOL, I'm screaming, "Just ask Jen...she knows me!!!!" As a big bouncer is forcing me out the door....Can. Not. Wait. <3 Devan

Jen Piwtpitt said...

Hi Donna, Thanks for going and supporting Andrea and Brenna. I missed being there by 24 hours. I was trying to figure out how I could do it. I was so close! Maybe another time.

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