Overalls Are Back and I've Missed Them Soooo Much

Do you read RachRiot? Well, you should, because she's crazy funny.

The other day she sent me a link to an article about Emma Thompson's fashion sense. Emma was rocking a hot pair of overalls, a jaunty scarf, and a blazer (because a blazer makes overalls classy and less hobo).

YES! That's right, overalls are making a comeback, bitches! If you read my book, then you'll know that I once looooved to strut my style in overalls. Especially on my first date with my husband where I thought I was going to be murdered and then he thought he was going to be murdered, but instead we got married.

When Rach sent me the article, she was like, "Check it out! Trendsetter! Overalls are so now!"

I was like, "What? Overalls AND a scarf? Mind. Blown. My two favorite body cover-uppers." Everyone scoffs at my style, but let me tell you something, people, this article proves that I am so trendy I'm AHEAD of the curve. You will all be shocked when Hollywood A-Listers start showing up on the red carpet wearing Crocs and I will be like, "Told you so!" It's just a matter of time. Have you seen those jacked up toes on the starlets? They mash those poor piggies into portable torture chambers and cry on the inside all night long. My fuzzy Crocs have never made me cry. 

Then Rach had an amazing idea. She thought I should pitch a whole line of overalls to my favorite store: Target.

I, of course, loved the idea, because there is a real dearth of choices in the overall section at Target this season. I just looked the other day and they were all skinny jean overalls. What. The. Hell? The whole idea of overalls is that they're roomy and comfortable and slouchy. THAT'S the part that's appealing! Who had the bright idea to put a skinny leg on overalls? That is blasphemy! No, no, no.

They got it wrong. Overalls were like yoga pants before there were yoga pants. Overalls should be large enough to wear a cable knit sweater UNDER them. Overalls should have wide enough legs to go OVER boots, not tuck into boots.

My line of overalls would be wide leg with a little extra room in the seat, so they don't ride up your crack every time you sit down. I had not thought of pairing a scarf with my overalls until the delightful Ms. Thompson came up with that idea. I think it's genius. It can cover where you spilled your lunch down your front earlier. I can't carry off the blazer, though. It's just too fancy for me. Plus, I'm not even sure where one buys a blazer these days. I buy the bulk of my clothes at Costco and I haven't seen a blazer there in years. I have a down vest that looks smoking hot with my overalls, so maybe that could be my outer layer?

So here's what I'm thinking, Target: wide, comfy, relaxed overalls that come in short, medium, and tall, because there is nothing worse than being a short woman trying to find overalls that fit nicely at the shoulders. Then with every purchase of my overalls, you'd receive a free infinity scarf. As I said, I think the blazer is too much, but I'll throw in an adorable newsboy cap just to keep the look sexy and feminine.

Now that I had it all planned, I wasn't sure what I would call my new line of overalls.

Luckily, Rach had me covered:

"You can call them JENERALLS."

Keep an eye out for my smart, sassy, slouchy Jeneralls coming to a Target or Costco near you soon!

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  1. When... When.... I'll take a pair in taol, cause there's nothing worse then having overalls ride up the crack of your ass AND your calves at the same time

  2. When... When.... I'll take a pair in taol, cause there's nothing worse then having overalls ride up the crack of your ass AND your calves at the same time

  3. Will they come in a variety of fab colors? I want mine in pink. Also, I'm fairly certain the proper way to wear overalls is with one shoulder undone...maybe we can bring back the side pony-tail to go with it?

  4. My husband loves wearing overalls. He wears them on his days off of work.

  5. Off to Target now to stalk for Jeneralls. Maybe will snag a pair of coordinating Crocs while I'm at it? ;)


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